***MEETING DATE CHANGE** The NEPASCCA General Meeting date for May has been changed to June 27th.

***MEETING DATE CHANGE** The NEPASCCA General Meeting date for May has been changed to June 7th.

With the temporary loss of the Williamsport Airport, we were forced to make a few changes to the Solo Schedule for 2017. The schedule as shown on the Solo Schedule page is accurate.

The NEPASCCA Banquet will be held on 2/4/17 at Capriotti's in McAdoo at 6pm.
Click -HERE- to register ONLINE for the 2016 NEPASCCA Banquet. Online Registration is handled through "MyAutoEvents" so if you don't already have a Login/Password for this site, you will have to take a few moments to create your account.

Or for a paper copy of the RSVP that you could mail in with your check, visit the DOWNLOADS section of this webpage by clicking on the DOWNLOADS link on your left or by clicking -HERE-

The 3rd Annual MotorWorld Auto Group Regional Solo at Pocono Raceway was held on June 10/11/12. With over 140 drivers per day, the event sold out quickly and was the largest regional in NEPASCCA history. Great weather and an awesome weekend of racing was had by all. We'll be back to do this again in the fall. : )

The 2016 Race Season has begun. Check the schedule pages for an event neat you.

Congrats to everyone who won an award at the 2015 Season NEPASCCA Banquet! The list of winners is as follows:
Barry Sarr Solo Driver of the Year - Kevin MacDonald
Marty Newman Solo Member of the Year - Jason and RJ Popeck
Tim Mayer "Best New Road Racer" - Taylor Handwerk
Bud Faust Most Improved Road Racer of the Year - Jon Gorski
Joe & Dee Wilkie Member of the Year - Cody Gromel
Oscar Kovelski Road Racer of the Year - Jack Maloney

NEPASCCA Solo Class Award Winners:
'B Street'
Ling, Peter
Axford Sr. Alden

'C Street'
McDonald, Kevin

'D Street'
Fedon, Barry
Sullivan SR, Mike

'F Street'
Walter, David
Pfirman, Danny

'G Street'
Myers, Joe

'S Street Prepared'
Savage, David

'A Street Prepared'
Hockenbury, Cory
Hockenbury, Ryan

'B Street Prepared'
Bahrt, James

'E Street Prepared'
Long, Guy

'X Prepared'
Miller, Kevin

'A Modified'
Marsh, Steve

"S Street R'
Engles, Mark

'Street Touring FWD'
Butchko, Joe

'Street Touring S'
Shea, Michael
Popeck, Jason
McHenry, Steven
Wozniak, Jeff

'Street Touring X'
Fink, Paul
Min, Derrick
Sweezy, Dwight

'Street Touring R'
Gromel, Cody
Pingarelli, Robert

'Street Touring U'
Colton, Derek
Ngo, Albert
Collins, Bob

'Street Modified'
Sandy, Pete
Rymell, Jason

'Street Modified F'
Haydu, Chris
Bower, Andy

'Super Street Modified'
Brennan, Joe

'B Modified'
Zabriski, John

'F125 Shifter Kart'
Ayre, John

'Junior Kart A'
Baylor, Sarah

'Junior Kart B'
Ayre, Kaden

'Junior Kart C'
Carpentier, Benecio

'B Street Ladies'
Hall, Kimberly

Redden, Derek

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